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Michael Schulson
Michael Schulson is the co-founder and president of Lunan West, Inc. Mr. Schulson graduated from Drake University in 1961 with a degree in Business Administration and from 1963 to 1967, was the sole owner and president of Schulson and Company, a real estate company specializing in real estate syndication and the management and development of commercial properties. As a licensed real estate broker in Illinois, Mr. Schulson had the opportunity and vision to maximize his real estate expertise with great success in the then relatively new fast food franchise world. Mr. Schulson served as an active board member of the Arby's Franchise Association for five years, two of which he served as chairman. In addition, Mr. Schulson served as director of ARCOP (Arby's Purchasing Group) which is responsible for Arby's nationwide marketing and advertising efforts, the marshalling of the purchasing power of all Arby's licensees and company-owned stores into one organization. He also served as director of Arby's Licensee Trust, striving for the resolution of common disputes of Arby's licensees with Arby's, LLC.

Harry Sax
Vice President and Partner
Harry Sax is the co-founder and vice president of Lunan West, Inc. Mr. Sax graduated from Indiana University with a B.S in marketing. During his college years he was a member of the Singing Hoosiers European traveling group, the ZBT fraternity and the "Little 500" bike team. Mr. Sax has also served as a Captain in the U.S Army in Munich, Germany. For the past 30 years Mr. Sax has served as a Board Member of the Arbys Franchise Association (AFA) or as a Director of ARCOP (Arbys purchasing organization.) AFA is responsible for the nationwide marketing and advertising efforts and ARCOP is charged with the purchasing and distribution of Arbys products. Mr. Sax is an active hobbyist whose interests have included sport parachuting, scuba diving, skiing and tennis.

Bill Teeters
Director of Operations