Burrito Beach
Burrito Beach Interior
Burrito Beach

Created by Gregory Schulson in 1995, Burrito BeachTM � Mexican Grill is an innovative quick-service concept that combines fresh Mexican food and gourmet burritos in an energized, exciting environment. Burrito Beach is a healthful alternative to typical fast food, featuring a diverse menu of fresh Mexican burritos, gourmet burritos, soft tacos, quesadillas, side dishes and fresh fruit smoothies.

A fun, creative and youthful attitude is conveyed within the restaurant's environment, and the spirit of the beach and its energetic lifestyle is embodied within the graphic package.

Burrito Beach L.L.C currently owns and operates six Burrito BeachTM restaurants: four in the Chicago business district ("The Loop"), one in the American Airlines Terminal food court at O'Hare Airport and one off of North Michigan Avenue's shopping district.

Additionally, a Cinnabon Roll bakery operates in conjunction with one of the loop locations, and one B-Smooth Salad and Smoothie concept operates in conjunction with our OHare Airport operation.