Lunan Corporation is a fully integrated multi-unit restaurant company with disciplines in operations management, human resources support, financial/accounting management, payroll services, site selection, construction support, restaurant marketing, food procurement, and new concept development. Lunan Corporation provides these services to its subsidiaries and affiliates: Lunan West, Inc. and Burrito Beach LLC, which together currently own and operate 47 restaurants in three major markets, Chicago, Las Vegas and Reno.

These include 39 Arby's® Roast Beef Restaurants, a Cinnabon, as well as two concepts that Lunan developed: 6 Burrito Beach - Mexican Grills (fast casual Mexican) a B-SMOOTH - Smoothie's Shack Smoothies and Salads (fast casual tossed-to-order smoothies and salads).

On a company-wide basis, Lunan and its affiliated companies employ approximately 700 operations personnel, including approximately 100 in management/supervisory positions. Lunan's corporate staff of 8 operates from offices located at 414 N. Orleans in Chicago and in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lunan enjoys a strong reputation in the restaurant, real estate and general business communities and continues to foster many longstanding relationships with banks, franchise finance companies, suppliers and other organizations associated with the multi-unit restaurant and real estate businesses.